Audi A3 review

The new Audi A3 of interesting news, as the premiere of a new mechanical platform, the use of alternative energy and reduced weight. He has returned to raise the quality in design and finishes.


Regarding the size of the new Audi A3, the width has been increased by 12 mm over the previous model, reaching a total width of 1.77 meters. The same happens with the wheelbase which has been increased by 14 mm, thus reaching 2.60 meters. Other dimensions are intact, preserving its 1.42 meters high and 4.24 long. Aspects have also been enhanced as engine compartment and underbody with the aim of improving the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The new design of the vehicle have also been carried out with the same objective.


Another novelty of the new Audi A3 outstanding is the use of aluminum in the construction of its chassis and bodywork, which has reduced overall vehicle weight the not inconsiderable figure of 80 kg. Even to renew the 1.4 TSI engine has also been used this material. Thus, the total weight of the new TFSI 1.4 3 A3 doors and 122 hp is 1175 kg.


Another new highlights of the new A3 is the new MQB modular platform. It will be the first vehicle to use this new platform. Then begin to use other vehicles such as the Golf Mk7.


The ESP system has also been improved, making it more secure and smooth cornering maneuverability, thanks to a new electronic system for the locking latch.


If your renewal is evident outside, appearing as a car wider and lower than the current and, therefore, more sporty, it is still more evident in the interior, completely redesigned with a finish. One of the highlights is the MMi rotary controller, integrated into the center console, through which we can handle all the multimedia systems through a 7-inch monitor that folds and unfolds in electronic form.

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